We are pleased to announce that with the efforts of the "Aquatic Physiology and Biotechnology Journal", according to the letter of 19/19/194974 dated 16/16/2014, the Secretariat of the Scientific publications Commission of the Ministry of Research and Technology of the country, Was successful in obtaining academic credit from the first issue of Fall 2013 and is indexed in the Islamic World Citation Database (ISC) and has an average impact Factor of 0.11 with Q2 quality.

The scientific journal of aquatic physiology and biotechnology (JAPB) is published by the Caspian Sea Basin Research Center at the University of Guilan. This journal sponsored by the Iranian Biological Society publishes research articles related to the physiology and biotechnology of aquatic animals and plants in the following areas: aquatic animal physiology (reproductive, digestive, neuroendocrine physiology, circulation, cellular respiration, histophysiology, ecophysiology, stress physiology, excitatory system, immune system, osmotic regulation, electrophysiology and other physiological issues of aquatic animals), aquatic plant physiology (absorption and transfer of substances in plants, plant metabolism, mineral nutrition of plants, mechanism of action of hormones, ion absorption mechanism, growth processes, reproduction, stress physiology and other physiological issues of aquatic plants) and biotechnology of aquatic animals and plants (stem cell, tissue and cell culture, genetic engineering, marine medicine, marine bioactive compounds and biofuels, histochemistry, cytochemistry, marine biochemistry, immunohistochemistry and other biotechnology related to animals and plants Aquatic). 

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