Aims and Scope

Journal of Aquatic Physiology and Biotechnology, with the aim of creating a journal that deals specifically with the physiological and biotechnological aspects of aquatic animals, publishes research articles in the fields of aquatic animal physiology (reproductive physiology, digestion, nerves and endocrinology, blood circulation, cellular respiration Hormones, histophysiology, ecophysiology, stress physiology,, excretory system, immune system, osmotic regulation, electrophysiology and other physiological topics of aquatic animals), aquatic plant physiology (absorption and transport of substances in plants, plant metabolism, mineral nutrition of plants, mechanism of action plant hormones, ion uptake mechanisms, growth and development processes, reproduction, stress physiology, coexistence physiology and other physiological topics of aquatic plants) and biotechnology of aquatic animals and plants (study of stem cells, tissue culture and cells of aquatic animals, genetic engineering, marine medicine, marine bioproducts and biofuels, histochemistry, cytochemistry, marine biochemistry, immunohistochemistry and other biotechnology topics related to aquatic animals and plants).