Anticancer effects of Laurencia caspica extract on breast cancer T47D cell line

Document Type : Research Paper



In order to treat cancer many drugs and natural products from different plants and animals are used. Laurencia caspica is one of the macroalgae of the Caspian Sea ecosystem. In the present study the toxicity effect and changes in nm23 metastatic gene expression treated with L. caspica extract was evaluated. L. caspica alga was collected from the Ramsar beach and its hydroalcholic extracts were prepared via percolation method in 50% methanol. The breast cancer T47D cell line was treated with concentrations of 25, 50, 100, 200, 400 and 800µg/ml of extract. MTT assay was used to analyze extracts lethality. RNA was extracted and cDNA was synthesized. The specific primers were designed for nm23 and B-actin genes. Level of nm23 gene expression was compared to B-actin reference gene in the presence of the estimated IC50 concentration using Quantitative Real Time PCR. Evaluation of cell survival using MTT assay indicated that L. caspica extract reduced the T47D cell growth in a dose dependent manner and also the 175μg/mL concentration of extract had inhibitory effect on 50% of cells. Real Time PCR showed that the level of nm23 metastatic gene expression had a significant increase, while the B-actin gene expression had not changed.