Effect of Deltamethrin on acethylcholinesterase in Mytilaster lineatus mussel

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Manager of the Confidential Company

2 Associated Professor in Islamic Azad University


IN this study acetylcholine esterase enzyme activity in Mytilaster lineatus bivalve acute to deltamethrin under limit mortality concentraitions in lowest concentraition ( 0/5 mg/l) estimated as ( 15/665 ± 0/1291 micromol min mg protein ) and in upper concentraition estimated as ( 11/912 ± 0/4334 micromol min mg protein ).
Acording to one way ANOVA results ( P < 0.05 ), for deltamethrin in ( 0/5 mg/l) concentraition we have no mean deferentation for enzyme activity in Mytilaster lineatus. Under limit concentraition, in (0/75 mg/l) concentraition we have concentraition effect of deltamethrin against acethylcholine esterase in Mytilaster lineatus and as the deltamethrin concentraition were increased, acetylcholine esterase activity were decreased.