The effect assessment of sub-lethal concentrations of Diazinon and Endosulfan on olfactory responses of Persian sturgeon (Acipenser persicus) fingerlings using olfactory stimuli

Document Type : Research Paper




The purpose of the present study was to find the sub-lethal effects of Diazinon and Endosulfan on olfactory responses in Persian sturgeon fingerlings (Acipenser persicus). The fingerlings used in this study were in the range of 7-9 g in weight and 10-13cm in length. For qualitative and quantitative study of environmental effects on behavioral responses, the amino acids glycine and alanine (At the concentration of 0.001 mol per liter as of olfactory stimuli) and Daphnia extract (positive control) and tap water (negative control) each with five replicates were used. Olfactory responses of juveniles in tap water and the sub-lethal concentration (LC10 and 0.1LC50) of the diazinon and endosulfan, after 24, 48 and 96 hours, were evaluated. The average percentage of olfactory responses to olfactory stimuli in both concentrations of LC10 and 0.1LC50 of diazinon with increasing concentration and time compare to the control was decreased. The concentration of 0.1LC50 endosulfan, Showed a greater reduction in the percentage of the average responses of olfaction compare to control. The results suggest that environmental factors are affecting olfactory responses in the Persian sturgeon.