Spatial variation of symbiotic dinoflagellates (Zooxanthellae) on dominant reef-building coral "Porites compressa" along northern Persian Gulf (Larak, Kharkoo and Nayband Bay Islands)



Density, mitotic index and cell size of Symbiotic dinoflagellates of reef building
coral "Porites compressa" of Larak Island, Khark Island and Nay band Bay was
studied. Corals of Larak Island that are near to strait of Hormoz have exposed to
high nutrients from Oman Sea. Corals of Nayband Bay are always exposed to
high environmental stress because of developement in oil and gas activities for
about 15 years. Corals of Khark Island located in western north Persian Gulf are
exposed to organic matter, oil activities and fresh waters. According to ANOVA
analysis, the density and cell size of zooxanthellae in corals of Larak Island is
higher than from other locations, and also showed significantly different to
Khark Island. In addition, there have not seen significant difference among all
of factors between Larak Island and Nay band Bay and between Khark Island
and Nay band Bay.