Effect of sub-acute toxicity nano-zinc oxide (ZnO NPs) on hematological factor of roach (Rutilus rutilus caspicus)



This study was designed to investigate the effects of nano-zinc oxide on
blood factors of roach. In this paper the LC50 range of concentrations of zinc
oxide nanoparticles for roach was determined and mortality at 24, 48, 72 and 96
hours was computed. A separate experiment was designed based on the LC50
levels and induction of the lethal concentration for hematology parameters.
Blood samples of the juveniles that exposed to sublethal concentrations (50%
concentration LC50) of nano zinc oxide for 7 days and the controls (without
exposure to nano-materials) were collected. The results showed that zinc
nanoparticles cause changes in the blood parameters of the fish that the changes
in blood indices by reducing the level of red blood cells (RBC), hemoglobin
(Hemoglobin) and hematocit (Hematocrit) that of the impact the nanoparticles
were located along the (P< 0.05) and the contrast of white blood cells (WBC),
MCH, MCHC and MCV treated fish exposed to sub lethal concentrations of
nano zinc oxide were increased compared to control fish (P